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June 1, 2013
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Germany x Reader  I Love You

Heavy combat boots hit the sidewalk in a quick pace. The hot rapid breaths from you were quickly turning into white air. You tired hard to keep up with the others. Even the Italian in front of you was doing a better job at keeping pace. This was entirely your own fault though. You were the one who wanted to be an apart of The Axis. The Axis, a group full of strong people who could conquer the world, at least those were your thoughts. Ever since you were small, your dream was to be the strongest country the country with the most wealth. The country that was loved by all, this was to be you. Rich culture, vast lands, and fine arts.

“Nein!” A burly voice shouted from in front of you. You tensed at the sound. But you did not stop. No stopping would mean even more a scolding. You looked up at your commander. A strong build, and a tall figure alone could have grown men shaking in their boots but that wasn’t it. No, his penetrating eyes alone could stop anyone in their tracks. His eyes, such an icy blue, you could never stop staring into those eyes. The ones that always glared down at you and no matter how long you looked into those very eyes you could never decide upon a color. Thousands of different shades of blue must have been in those eyes and it was a beautiful sight. But no matter what light, what shade was more dominant, no matter what time of day, those eyes were always cold. And they always looked so alone.
But now those very eyes were glaring down at you and you just happened to be spacing out. You gulped in fear and you wanted to take a step back but you knew that would result in more punishment.

“Vhat do you think you are doing?!” The German yelled at you. You didn’t say anything because you knew it would sound like an excuse. But you had to look into those icy orbs. You were scared, this man was your superior and he could do anything to you. You must have looked pathetic and you knew it. You could feel your (h/c) hair flying it the wind, whipping you in the face. Your (e/c) eyes were frantic and going in all directions, but never leaving his.

 But the thing that happened next surprised you, his eyes softened for a fraction of a second but it was so fast you were sure that you had imagined it. He sighed, rubbing his temples he walked away from you. You sunk into your (f/c) jacket, you hated disappointing Germany. You had always looked up to the blonde man and you had always tried to impress him but you always landed flat on your face, sometimes literally. But you hated it when he looked down on you, most of the time he would scold you and have you do more laps around the town, but other times he just looked down at you and sighed and you hated that. It means that he didn’t even want to put energy into scolding you. You weren’t even worth his time.

 The group finished training for the day and headed back to your base, really it was just Germany’s house but you thought it would be cool to call it a base. So you went up and took a shower. You scrubbed off all the dirt and grime from today’s training. But you stood there and you let the scolding hot water hit your back and wall to the floor of the shower. You didn’t know how long you stood there but suddenly there was a load banging at the door.

 “Dummkopf, how long are you going to be in the shover?!”  Germany yelled from outside the door. You snapped back to your senses and quickly turned off the water. You tried to get out of the shower but you slipped and fell on the floor cutting your leg on the edge of the glass shower door. You hissed in pain.

 “Sorry Germany, I will be right out.” You tried to hide the escalating pain in your voice. You heard footsteps walk away from the bathroom door and you were thankful. You then turned your attention to the situation at hand. Your leg was bleeding heavily and you needing to get out of the bathroom fast before anyone noticed. You were sitting on the floor and the pain in your leg made it hard to move. You reached your hand out to grab a towel that was hanging on a low rack and you managed to bring it down to you. Carefully, you wrapped it around your trembling body and got up on shaky feet. The pain in your leg made it hard to move but you managed to get up. You stood on your better leg and wrapped your towel closer to you. You breathed in and open the bathroom door and made way to your room. You opened your oak door and stepped into a dark room you closed your door before turning on your lights. You sat down you’re your bed before pulling out your leg to see what damage had been made.

There was a long gash running just below your knee. You hissed in pain, you hated seeing blood. Ha! What kind of solider were you? Afraid of a little blood, sighing, you looked around your room for something to dress it with. You finally found an old shirt. Your quickly snatched it up and tore it to pieces. You then proceeded to wrap your wound.  When you done you looked down at it feeling somewhat accomplished and proud of yourself, because you managed to dress your wound and not complain, a lot, about the pain.  Germa- NO! You could not think about him now. The truth was that you had a slight major crush on the German man.

  He was strong and independent, handsome and reliable, trustworthy and a great leader. Germany was all things you were not. He was a great Country to top it all off too. But you knew that the blonde didn’t like you. It was obvious; he always seemed to push you just a little bit harder out of everyone in the group. He even talked to Japan more than you. And when he did it was to scold you on how you were acting. You didn’t mind, no not at all. Germany was just trying to make you into a better soldier. That’s what you always thought anyways.

You stood up and made your way to your closet and picked out a pair of military green sweatpants and a grey tank top. You just had to eat dinner than you would head back to your room, so you saw no reason to get dressed up. Once your clothes were on you took a look at yourself in your mirror.

Disheveled (h/c) locks hung in every which way falling down to your (body part), paper pale skin was so pale you could see faint out lines of your veins, and finally dull (e/c) orbs staring back at the person on the outside of the mirror. And that person was you. Sighing, you exited your room, suddenly you weren’t hungry anymore.

When you made it to the dining room you saw Italy happily scooping up a hefty amount of pasta and put it on everyone’s plate, even yours. You sat down at your spot and looked at all the food on your plate wondering how you were going to eat all it.

“You’re late,” Someone called out. You didn’t have to look up to know who it was you could tell by that thick German accent that you loved so much. But, you did look up and what you saw was two icy orbs staring into your plain (e/c) ones.

“I’m sorry, I’ll try not to be late again,” You replied in your monotone voice. The German man sighed as he watched you pick up your fork and twirl it around in your pasta. This continued on for a good fifth teen minutes but never once had you raised that fork to your mouth to eat said pasta.

 “Ve, ve, _____ but why haven’t you ate-a the pasta-a? Do you not like pasta ____?” The naïve Italian asked you. You smiled and shook your head.

“Sorry Feli, but I’m not hungry but I’ll save it and eat it next time okay.” The Italian smiled and ran to get some tuper-ware from the kitchen. While he was searching through the vast amount of cabinets Germany turned towards you.

“Don’t get his hopes up,” The blonde said without emotion. You looked at him feigning a confused manner.

“What do you mean?” You asked the German man, but of course you knew all too well what he was talking about. In fact for the past week up had barely eaten anything. But it wasn’t your fault you weren’t hungry. You weren’t just saying that so you wouldn’t have to eat. It was just that something was keeping you from it. Whenever you tried to eat you would feel sick to your stomach. But you put on a fake smile as he sighed and turned away from you. Your smile faltered and Japan noticed. You paid no mind to it though and decided to head up to your room.

“Nein, vhere do you think you are going _____?” Germany questioned. You looked back to the man and you were completely confused. Never before has the German stopped you. So why did he care now. What made you so important that he had to stop you? Did he not already do enough?

“Ansver mein questions _____!” The loud voice startled you, and you flinched. The German had always scolded you but never once had he raised his voice past a commanding tone. You looked away ashamed. You didn’t like displeasing Germany. You had looked up to the man for so long, even before the man had known you, you have always known of him. Your boss wanted you to be like the German state and you too had wanted to be like the blonde.

But now as he looked down on you, you wanted to be as far away as possible from the man. But he stared down at you with his icy cold glare and you could help but feel small and weak, unworthy of being in his line of sight. You were slow, weak, helpless, and an unknown Country trying to be better than what you really were.      

.:Germany’s POV:.

He looked down at the trembling figure below him, she hadn’t been eating for the past few days and it was worrying him. He knew that he could off cold and heartless and he probably scared the poor girl in front of him too many times to count. But he was worried, this girl with the beautiful flowing (h/c) locks and milky skin, was always easy to scare or worry and he didn’t want to do that to her. So many things he loved about her, her personality, the way she laughed, and even how she bit her lip when nervous. His favorite feature though, was her shining (e/c) orbs. They were always so bright and inviting. Unlike his pale blue eyes, hers were always wide and full of emotion. And maybe that’s why he pushed her harder than Italy or Japan. It was because he wanted to protect that innocence. But he knew he was doing that in all the wrong ways. But the German man didn’t know how to protect _____ without hurting her.

‘Vhat should I do?’ He thought. The small girl in front of him didn’t answer his previous question, and he was starting to get worried. The (nationality) girl got up and started to walk to her room. He didn’t bother to call after her. Watching the girl walk back to her room, he noticed that something was off. She was slightly limping. He tensed, why would ______ be limping? ‘Did something happen?’ he asked himself but no answer was heard.

“Germany-san come here!” He heard his ally Japan cry. He didn’t notice the island nation get up. He must have been too caught up in his thoughts.  But he complied and went to where he thought he heard the Japanese man.

He ended up at the bathroom door, but when he opened it he did not like what he saw. There was blood everywhere and Japan was trying his hardest to clean it up.

“Vhat happened here?” He asked the island nation. He looked around the bathroom; the German mad has seen blood before but never in his own home, at least not like this. And he was scared, he hated to admit it, to be scared was too weak and he was nothing but.

“I don’t know Germany-san, I just got here and I saw arr this brood.” The Japanese man said the nervousness in his is voice was easy to read. But then he had a horrible thought. ______, she was limping when she went back to her room. Did she do this to herself. No she didn’t _____ is not like that, is she? And _____ hasn’t been eating in the past few days. Also her skin has been a bit paler than the normal milky cream color, plus her eyes have been duller. Is she hurting herself?

That one thought made his blood run cold, not  _____. Anyone but _____. He rushed to her room. When he got to her oak door he knocked. There was no answer.

“_____ get up right now!” He was frantic, what was she doing was she hurting herself right now, is she trying to kill herself? This thought drove him wild. “_____, please open up the door!” He yelled hoping the girl would hear him. He couldn’t let _____ die. Not now, if she died he wouldn’t be able to hear her sweet laughter or take in her vinialla scent. He would be able to hold her soft hand, or even tell her how he felt. Because he relised that if he lost _____, if he lost _____ he would lose everything.

Shuffling noises were finialy heard and the oak door slowly opened, and on the other side of it there stood a tired looking _____ clad in pasta pajama’s (a gift from Italy) and hair in all diferent directions.

“Hey, whats with all the noi-“ But the (nationality) was interuped before she could finish speaking. And he was the one interuping her, he pulled her into a tight hug. The German man never wanted to let go of her. He never wanted to lose this girl in the pasta pajamas.

“G-Germany! W-what are y-you doing!?” _____  was clearly flustred and at the moment he didn’t care he was just happy _____ wasn’t dead. But then he thought again just because she wasn’t dead now didn’t mean she would try later he had to talk her out of what ever mess she was in right now.

“_____ listen to me! You can’t hurt yourself ever again. Do you understand me.” He pulled out of the tight (one-sided) hug and gripped the girl by her shoulders. She looked confused.

“What do you mean Germany” _____ asked him. What did he mean!? _____ knew excatly what he was talking about.

“You know what I am talking about,” He told her, looking into her (e/c) eyes. “You hurt your self,” He looked down at her petiet body and found her leg that she had been favoring earlier and pulled up her pants leg to reveal a crudely wrapped wound. “See! You have been hurting yourself!” He didn’t really know before but the wound on her leg was proof enough to him and he was scared how long had she been doing this?

“No Germany, It’s not what you think really! I slipped in the bathroom when I was taking a shower and I cut my leg! Please believe me I don’t hurt myself!” _____ sounded desperate. He got angry why would she lie to him? She couldn’t hide it anymore.  And if she was going to lie why use something like “I slipped”?

“Don’t lie to me _____! You hide it anymore, you can’t just cut yourself when your sad! Do you think this will solve all your problems? Well, do you?” In all honesty that came off a little harsher than he wanted but than again he was angry. How could she do this to herself? He looked at the girl before him, her head was tilted down and he could not see her eyes.

“…” She wispered. He looked at the girl he couldn’t undertsand what she had just said. “Why?” Why? He wondered. Why what?

“Why do you hate me? Was it something that I did to you? Because I always try hard, sure maybe I’m not strong but I try. I love my land and my people I love what I stand for and everything that I have. So why, why would I cut myself!?” Her head snapped back up and he saw the tears in her eyes. He was the anger and sadness that flashed in them and he instanly felt guilty.

“You know what I always looked up to you, and what do you do. You push me harder than anyone else, you berate me all the time and I never say anything because I understand the chain of command. But I always thought that you would accpet me one day, but I guess not.” She had tears streaming down her face but no sound was heard. She looked so sad and he welt so sorry.

He was wrong to suggest that she hurt herself just because she looked like she did. Man he was a fool. “_____, oh gott. I am so sorry _____” He pulled her into a gentle hug and this time she hugged back. “I’m so sorry _____,” He felt the girl nod into his shirt and he felt tears stain it to, but he didn’t care. The girl before him just cried into his shirt and he stood there gently rocking her.

.:----:.  .:----:.  .:----:.

After a while _____ fell asleep and the German put her to bed. He sighed, how could he do this to her. He looked over at _____. She was so soft and sweet, and he was a rough man who has killed many men. She didn’t desevre his anger and frustration but he couldn’t control his emotions and so _____ got the worst of it.

He brushed aside her (h/c) locks and placed a kiss on her forehead. He sighed, and got up. As he turned off the lights he wispered “Ich liebe dich,” To the sleeping girl. When he closed the door Italy was in front of him. And he was fuming.

“You lug! How could you do that to (nickname)?!” Italy softly cried while hitting him on the shoulder, it didn’t hurt but he sighed. Even the Itailian knew that he mis treated _____.

“I don’t know.”

Your POV

You woke up and something felt wrong. The sun’s light was hitting you in the face, and you sat up and instanly got a head rush. You got out of bed and sriped out of the pasta PJ’s that Italy gave you for your birthday a while back and got dressed in some knee length (color) shorts and a white razor back tank. You went into the bathroom to proberly wrap your wound and the events from last night played back in your mind. You flushed, Germany hugged you, you hugged Germany. No! You could be happy, the man had said that you cut yourself. But he finaly accepted you. You smiled and hugged your arms. You were on cloud nine, maybe you guys could talk more and become friends and maybe something more. You knew you were hoping for too much but a girl can dream.

You walked into the kitchen where you saw Germany making pancakes. Wait Germany can cook? Well you guessed he would have to. He loved wurst and you knew that Italy (the “chef” of the household) cooked nothing but pasta.

“Ah, guten morning _____.” Germany greeted you. You nodded back and sat yourself down at the table. The german man then proceeded to place the pancakes(?) in front of you.

“There potato pancakes.” The nation said noting your confusion, your mouth turned into a ‘o’ as you nodded you cut the cake and took a bite.

“It’s really good,” You stated, and for the first time in long time you saw how hungry you were and you devoured the small stack of cakes that he gave you.

“You must be really hungry,” Germany said giving you another stack of pancakes this time a larger stack. You smiled and thanked him as you ate the pancakes.

It was three more stacks of pancakes before you were done. You sighed in delight. You were content and you looked at the German man as he cleaned the dishes and you felt bad you were the one who made him cook so much. You went over to the German man.

“You need some help?” You asked him and he nodded. You smiled and began to dry the wet dishes on the counter. You two worked in silence for quite some time before it was interupted.

“_____, I’m really sorry about last night.” You nodded, but than you realised that he wasn’t looking at you.

“It’s alright Germany you didn’t know and you cared enough about me to worry about if I was hurting myself and that makes me happy. You looked over at the man and saw that he still wasn’t sure of himself. So kissed his cheek.

“Thank you,” You turned around and went back to your room to get ready for the day huming the whole way. When in your room you pressed two figers to your lips and smiled.

“I love you.”

Normal Point Of View

The German in the kitchen smiled and his eyes softened as he felt the place were _____ had kissed him. He watched her close the door and he said to himself

“I love you.”
Wow this took awhile and man am I proud of it. Although I don't think I got Germany's accent right... ^^" Oh well
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